Who needs an IEC Mortgage?

  • Your debt service ratios exceed conventional guidelines
  • Self-employed; clients with non-verifiable or stated income
  • Recent bankruptcy or credit problems which require fair consideration of all factors
  • Conventional lender guidelines exclude the borrower
  • Equity based lending
  • Fast, efficient service is required

We help you finance

Single-family & multi-family homes

Manufactured homes on freehold property

Duplexes & commercial property

Building lots

Condominiums & Townhouses


Other ways we help

Lend up to 60% of assessed value with only our inspection required

Lend up to 75% of appraised value on Revenue Properties

Underwrite loans based on unconventional and stated income

Buy downs of contractual interest rates to reduce payments

Finance foreclosures provided there is sufficient equity

Provide up to 100% financing on real-estate providing other assets are available

Minimum $50,000 loan

Loan to Value1 Year2 Years
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Minimum $30,000 loan

(s/b not less than 35% of 1st mtg amount)

Loan to Value1 Year2 Years
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  • 1-year term, Open to prepayment
  • Completion appraisal and plans
  • New Home Warranty Builder
  • Advances on a Cost-to-Complete formula with draw fee
  • Rates starting at 8.75%
  • Building permit & survey
  • LTV to 50% on 1st draw
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Minimum $100,000, plus 1% Lender Fee

Max LTV1 Year2 Years
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  • Loans have a 3-month Interest Penalty to prepay & are non-assumable.
  • Open loans are available upon payment of an up front lender fee/rate adjustment or both.
  • The interest rate is calculated monthly on all loans.
  • Title Insurance for lender is required.
  • No appraisal required if LVR is less than 60% of 2021 BC Assessment, current pictures and satisfactory Lender inspection in acceptable areas.
  • Properties with values over $750,000 may be subject to reduced LVRs.
  • Appraisals must be dated within 60 days of loan disbursement, and provided by an acceptable appraiser.
  • Airmor Investment Services Ltd. is the exclusive agent and underwriter of Interior Equities Corp. Mortgage brokerage fees are usually split between Airmor and the originating broker.
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